EIFELWERK Butler Systeme presents your new electronic domestic servants

Easily installed, individually configured, simple to operate, rapid return on investment. Our products around the (e)Servant and EW Butler just go with every life situation – more living comfort and energy savings at the same time.

Energy savings and service within one's own four walls is on everyone's lips these days. At the same time, without compromising our creature comforts. Until now, the only available solutions have been cost intensive BUS systems. For this reason EIFELWERK Butler Systeme GmbH has developed a simple but very energy-efficient system which can be installed by every qualified electrician.

From the standard product to our flag ship model, there is something for everyone.

The eServant with web interface


  • control of seven independent circuits (light, devices, heating, etc.) via internet
  • information about the indoor and outdoor temperature
  • event-driven alert messages

An example application:
If the indoor temperature falls below 5°C, you will automatically receive an alert message vie e-mail or SMS (when support by your Email provider). So you are able to act quickly enough to avoid costly repairs caused through frozen pipes and flooding.

The Servant - increased flexibility when combined with our eServant


  • control of eight independent circuits (light, devices, heating, etc.)
  • for every output five switching programs are available
  • definition of several events to the exact second
  • analogue inputs with hysteresis

One of the many possible applications:
With the help of our Servant you will be able to control your heating or air conditioning to achieve the exact required temperature to the degree. After a longer absence, e.g. a holiday trip, you can program your heating in that way that it starts up a few hours before your return. On your arrival, you will find a home at the perfect temperature for your.

The EW Butler is the all-round package


  • controls and pilots all components in your house (even wireless)
  • with the help of intelligent motion sensors the unoccupied places in your house will be shut down automatically
  • multimedia and Assisted Living as core competence

Even more examples of how you could benefit from the Butler System:
You can switch on/off the light or you can dim it, control the temperature in every room, let down the shutters, you receive a status indicator where and when someone broke in with a direct contact to security guards, to the police or the fire service. You can make an emergency call with direct contact to a confidential person/doctor and much, much more.

Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation, so that we can further explain and demonstrate how with the Butler Range of products we can make your house safer and more energy-efficient.